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Warren County Democratic Committee


Gov Murph homepage for re-election campaign

It's about how we move forward.

Our work isn’t finished — and we can’t go back to where we were before. We need to combat long-standing disparities that this pandemic has laid bare and ensure a strong, equitable recovery for every New Jersey family. 

That’s why I decided to run for Governor in 2017, and why I’m running again now.

NJ State Democratic Committee website homepage

State Democratic Committee

It's about how we move forward.

From the Shore to the Highlands, from the Hudson to the Delaware, New Jersey Democrats are fighting everywhere for our values. Help us keep up the fight.

We can build a stronger, fairer New Jersey together, but we need you on our team.

Phillipsburg Democratic Website

Phillipsburg Democratic Committee

The Warren County Democratic Committee believes that all residents should be represented by those men and women who understand the historical significance of our Democratic roots, the family values we have embraced, and the fundamental fairness standard we employ and seek for all.

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