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Democratic Towns in Warren County


Over the coming weeks and months, we are consolidating all of the regional and town websites supporting our candidates under one umbrella. We consistently have a unified message supporting the ideals of democracy. This approach will enable the sharing of information in a more efficient manner.   

Although we have a platform that we share across the County, each town has its own challenges and priorities, and we believe this approach allows for that flexibility.

We remain committed to the sustainable advancement of our residents and business and land owners' interests.  


Located on the Delaware River in a beautiful setting of rolling hills, woodlands, and flowing waters, Phillipsburg, New Jersey, offers the best of all worlds. Here, you can escape from crowded, impersonal developments, and find the joys of living in a close-knit community of families and friends, as you enjoy all the advantages of urban living as well as a rural atmosphere - from a quaint downtown waterfront district to a choice of nearby transportation hubs.

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